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Anna Marie Richards



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All relationships have strengths and weaknesses. When two people connect, a certain chemistry combines to create an original and novel identity. Learning more about yourself and your partners personality and compatibility can help you form the lasting relationship you are seeking.

Finding current and more modern information can assist you to make better choices. All associations have pluses and minuses. Connecting to a person forms definite chemistry. This combination of elements casts an original and new personality, character, and nature. Knowledge can broaden your scope and give you data that was never before available. This new found material can assist you to judge the validity and significance of yourself and your partner's connection


Lover's vibes corresponds to a chemical equation using both people as elements to create a new formula. hence two personalities connect forming an original and novel identity. Lover's compatibility combines the energies of the couple and fuses them as one. Simultaneously, a new personality emerges.

Thirty-six components comprise the traits and characteristics of the lover's compatibility. Some elements may repeat, giving those characteristics more emphasis and significance and we have arranged the traits to reflect this significance. Three categories of significance are presented called Most Important, More Important and Important. Additionally, extra power reflects a soul mate, mirror, and/or a magic connection. Powered and arranged in a chart, the couple may view their positive and challenging attributes. This part of the chart remains consistent.

Included in the profile are timing factors. The Personal year reflects the primary goal and direction. The personal cycles direct the energies. Reviewing the charts and reading the timing vibes informs the parties involved of the circumstances that may be controlling their lives.

Now get ready for some astonishing information. First, read the definitions of some common terms. then fasten your seat belts and start finding about yourself!

Compatibility Terms and Personality Charts

The following terms are commonly used throughout the reading and are summarized here for your convenience.

Blocks: Challenges, obstacles, detours, lessons that we can work through.

Extra Power: Luck, advantages, strength, etc.

Karmic: Lessons, challenges and gifts are bestowed through payback or pay-off from past ties.

Love: Emotions, family, friends, socialization, harmony, etc.

Master: Capability, competence, expertise, skill.

Money: Your finances, business opportunities, investments, career, etc.

Net Points: The sum of all the power points in the chart average out to reflect a value from 0 to 10.

Numerology: Numerology is the power of numbers, mathematically calculated and designed to shape a personality chart and analyze the past, present, and future. Numbers are assigned to a significance and value. The Your Key Secrets system implements the numbers 1-78. This method relates directly with a tarot card deck. Many numerologists utilize only the numbers one through nine. Implementing a system of seventy-eight numbers is more accurate and descriptive. For example, there are eight different number nines: 9,18,27,36,45,54,63, and 72. Each number represents a distinct and individual importance.

Protective: Defending and watching over each other.

Attraction: The vitality, fitness, endurance, passion, desire, etc. of an individual or couple.

Spiritual: Mind, intellect, psyche, cerebral, etc.

We urge you to order a full reading so you review the Glossary on our site. Should you encounter a term you don't understand or simple wish to learn more, the Glossary will clarify your understanding


Partner Compatibility Analysis Reading
Anna Marie Richards 8/13/1977
Charles Anthony Stevens 3/28/1973

All relationships have their strengths and weaknesses. No relationship is perfect. Thousands of analyses have been studied over fifteen years of research and development with astonishing results. When two people connect, a certain chemistry combines. These profiles are designed to give you a personalized compatibility analysis of the relationship, as well as each person's individualized reading.

Vibe Interpretations for
Anna Marie Richards
Charles Anthony Stevens

You have Extra Power

Single Soul Connection

Single Mirror Power

Personal Reading
Anna Marie Richards

Personality Reading for Anna Marie Richards

Destiny:  Extremist 12
This is the Cinderella number. A mere ordinary maiden turned into a beautiful princess. Twelve determines the time change. Half of the day has ended. Twelve means reversal of thought. As Cinderella was in transition at midnight, so are the twelve's. In suspension, of the glass slipper marks the twelve's. Another example is the Fortune 500 executive who one day announces his resignation to pursue a quiet existence in the mountains.

Spirit:  Inspiration 27
Tinkerbell, Peter Pan's savior has to be a twenty seven. Selfless, inspiring, exhilarating, designates the spirit and sparks of the twenty seven. Permit yourself to be sprinkled with fairy dust. Your soul will be uplifted. Strong intuition and discernment allow the twenty seven to pierce through the veils of their family and acquaintances. Their intense personality is not to be feared. They emit positive and affirmative vibes.

Projection:  Heartbreak 57
Who's that person wearing their emotions on their sleeve? It's the fifty seven. Mental anguish and pain besiege their emotions and feelings. An outstanding performance gives the Academy Award to the fifty seven. Exceptional and first class portrayals, their theatrics finale with a standing ovation. Triangles often cause much of their anxiety and despair. Humorous and witty, their life is a comedy of errors. Heart and soul, there's never a dull moment.

Communication:  Disappointment 45
Who is the person who is carrying the weight of others on his shoulders? It's the forty five. Plagued by discontent, letdown, and regret the silhouette is cast down. Family pressure and problems create situations that force them to be the donor and rarely the recipient. Devotion and attachment oblige the forty five's to sympathize with others and bear the brunt of their problems. Difficult situations and issues are part of the normal lifestyle of these humanitarians. Shirley Mac Laine has a forty five in her chart.

Motivation:  The World 21
Looking for a traveling companion? Choose your acquaintance with a twenty one. They will spot the prime restaurants and the main attractions. Amusing, curious, sophisticated, and flexible constitutes the twenty one as the four star tourists. Excellent vibe for a travel agent, stewardess, pilot, and explorer. Mobile and changeable, characterize the yen for travel. Visually stimulated the twenty one seeks unfamiliar territory to wet his appetite. Blackjack wins the pot.

Emotion:  Intense 13
Superstition brands the thirteen's. Lucky or unlucky to possess a thirteen. Conceivably both traits are present. Thorough, concentrated, and heavy represent the emotional structure of the thirteen. Heightened by deep feelings the thirteen can be fierce and furious, stopping at nothing to accomplish their goals. Consumed by reconstructing the condition, the thirteen ensues 'til the end. Then it's on to the next. A sexy vibe that emits passion and fire.

Personal Reading
Charles Anthony Stevens

Personality Reading for Charles Anthony Stevens

Destiny:  Shrewdness 15
Who is the mischievous, daring and clever one? The fifteen of course all decked out and ready to conquer the world. The desirous, possessive, and greedy nature of the fifteen's cause them to plunge into the quicksand. They get what they want, but they pay the price. Astute and cagey, they are highly skilled in perceiving an easy mark. Slick and sly, they sense the precise moment to sting. Karmic pay back is associated with the fifteen.

Spirit:  Beauty 30
The belle of the ball or that one who is easy on your eyes is positively a thirty. The knockout and the stud must have a thirty somewhere in their chart. If not gorgeous or handsome they have the gift of gab. By the time you finish talking to them, you'll be convinced they are beautiful. Becoming and flattering, they make a marvelous date or partner. Creative and inventive, thirties can achieve numerous accomplishments. Gregarious and sociable they mingle comfortably. Funny and witty they can be the live of the party. Good number for a lawyer, a comedian, a cosmetologist, and a model. In memory of Audrey Hepburn, a great beauty, I call this the Audrey Hepburn number.

Projection:  Heartbreak 57
Who's that person wearing their emotions on their sleeve? It's the fifty seven. Mental anguish and pain besiege their emotions and feelings. An outstanding performance gives the Academy Award to the fifty seven. Exceptional and first class portrayals, their theatrics finale with a standing ovation. Triangles often cause much of their anxiety and despair. Humorous and witty, their life is a comedy of errors. Heart and soul, there's never a dull moment.

Communication:  Victor 51
The warrior and conqueror is the fifty one. A silver tongue and a suit of armor wins the contest and competition. Experiencing triumph and victory, reinforces their strong sense of commitment and justice. Phil Donahue has this number. Upholding truth and fairness explains the convictions of the fifty ones. Law and government are first rate positions for these leaders. Fine orators, they reign supreme in a debate and argument.

Motivation:  Competitor 31
Life is a contest for the thirty ones. Vying and contending for first place they will fight endlessly to reach the top. I call this the battle number. Their strategies include dramatics, simulation, warfare, and sabotage. Outwitting their opponents, the victory can be bittersweet. The conquered may feel cheated and disenchanted by the tactics implored on them. However, the winner and the conqueror is surveying the next conquest.

Emotion:  Tycoon 28
Getting right down to business, are the twenty eight's. Enterprising, ambitious and aggressive directs the actions of the twenty eight's. Industry, commerce, and trade devour the lives of these entrepreneurs. Captain of his ship, he navigates directly on course. Taking pride and dignity with everything on board being shipshape. This front runner could amass a fortune only to become shipwrecked. However, as dismal as it appears he recovers. Launching ahead toward new ports.