Your Key Secrets system helps you understand yourself better and can strengthen or repair broken relationships. With knowledge you can make better decisions and know when to expect good and difficult times.


Numerology, psychic, astrology and tarot have been fascinating parts of human experience since ancient times. The usefulness of numbers made them a part of the earliest exchanges of information, and by the time sign languages and oral messages were transformed into records, the idea of mystical significance was already attached; the informed who could interpret the records acquired the power of the symbols. As experience brought sophistication, the numbers themselves came to be recognized by many as having layers of significance well beyond sequential counting and simple calculations.

Pythagoras of Samos, a Greek philosopher and religious leader of the sixth century is generally regarded as the greatest single contributor to the early advancement of mathematics and the associated fields of astronomy and the theory of music. He founded a philosophical and religious school that attracted many followers. In the theory of musical harmony Pythagoras found that certain numerical relationships constantly repeated themselves, and Pythagoreans seem to have believed that the whole of reality could be interpreted in terms of some fundamental mathematical relationships. In astronomy, the Pythagoreans were well aware of the periodic numerical relations of heavenly bodies. The celestial spheres of the planets were thought to produce a harmony called the music of the spheres. Pythagoras knew and is credited with developing the theory that any triangle whose sides were in the ratio 3:4:5 was a right-angled triangle.

The famous Pythagorean theorem, which is still basic to modern instruction in geometry. It was Pythagoras who established the everlasting credibility of numerology, and whereas much of the Pythagorean doctrine that has survived consists of numerology and number mysticism, the influence of the idea that the world can be understood through mathematics was extremely important to the development of science and mathematics. The significance of numerology has been noted in many places and times by religious leaders. For example, the Kabala illustrates the extensive use of numerological encodement to seek levels of enlightenment which are otherwise concealed in religious texts; those steeped in such knowledge can reach into life's most profound mysteries. In summary, numerology is the power of numbers, mathematically calculated and designed to shape a personality chart and analyze the past, present and future. Numbers are assigned a significance and value.

The Your Key Secrets system implements the numbers 1 - 78. This method relates directly with the Tarot card deck. Most numerologists utilize only the numbers one through nine. Implementing a system of seventy-eight numbers is more accurate and descriptive. For example, in system terminology there are eight different number nines: 9. 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, and 72. Each number is of distinct and individual importance in the Your Key Secrets system which produces more accurate and detailed analysis readings.


The "Your Key Secrets" analysis system has been developed over a 15 year period utilizing an ancient mathematical art and science known as Numerology. The analysis readings are available in both English and Spanish. The program is totally computerized and has been designed in conjunction with experts in psychic, astrology, tarot, numerology and computer software design. These unique analysis readings are fascinating, informative and very entertaining. Millions of combinations are possible and no two readings are alike. The analysis readings are exceptionally accurate and descriptive and include charts as well as detailed paragraphs explaining the personalized results. The only data required from the customer in order to produce a 10 page or more Individual Analysis readings or a 20 page or more Partner Compatibility analysis reading are the full name(s) at birth and date of birth(s).

Individual Analysis Readings

A person's individual analysis reading includes a personalized overall Personality Analysis Chart and six natural numbers which relate to a person's destiny, spirit, projection, communication, motivation and emotion. These are the most significant numbers that a numerology reading reveals to an individual. Descriptions of these six "natural numbers" are as follows:

DESTINY............... How the world looks at you and the external forces that are challenges in your life.
SPIRIT.................. The genuine, true nature and disposition of a person.
PROJECTION ........ How a person sees themselves, their self-esteem.
COMMUNICATION.. How a person puts ideas, beliefs and values into words.
MOTIVATION ........ What inspires and stimulates your actions.
EMOTION .............. Ability of thinking, reasoning and applying knowledge.

Personality Traits

Also important and entertaining are descriptions of a person's fifteen (15) personality traits, listed in order of importance, as well as their past, present and future potentialities described with charts and detailed explanations for two years from their last birth month. Each year is broken down into four month periods. The Charts include graphic descriptions and descriptive analyses relating to money, spiritual, karmic, master, protective, love, sex, blocks and overall net points (or power). Chart numbers includes descriptions of the following:

MONEY.......... finances, business opportunities, investments, career
SPIRITUAL....... mind, intellect, psyche, cerebral
KARMIC ........ lessons, challenges, gifts bestowed payoff or payback
MASTER......... capability, competence, expertise, skill
PROTECTIVE... represents safe and sound, escaping danger
LOVE............. emotions, family, friends, socialization, harmony
SEX............... vitality, fitness, endurance, passion, desire
BLOCKS......... challenges, obstacles, detours, stop signs
NET POINTS.... the sum of all the power points on a scale of 1-10
EXTRA POWER.. luck, advantages, strength, etc


Couples can order Partner Compatibility Analysis Reading featuring a Compatibility Graph Chart, "their" extra powers and 36 explanations of how the partners get along, relate and communicate with each other (described "in order of importance"). Also included in the Partner Compatibility Analysis readings are the elements of each person's Individual Analysis reading as described above. In addition, both the Individual Analysis and Partner Compatibility Analysis contain detailed explanations of how to read and interpret the graphs as well as a glossary of terms.


The Individual Analysis Reading costs only $9.95 and couples can order their Compatibility Analysis Reading for only $14.95